5 Tips for Part-Time Stock Traders

  You want to reach your trading goals and boost your portfolio quickly? Just follow these 5 clever tips that we got from pro traders who have been researching strategies and trading for years. When someone who has decades of success and experience behind them, you can’t argue with that. These are some pro tips […]

A Brief History of the S&P 500

  If you are a trader, or just have an interest in the stock market, you probably already know what S&P 500 is. However, not many know the history of it. So, if you want to know more, read on. What is S&P 500 The S&P 500 found its beginnings in 1957 when Standard &[…..]

Stock-Picking and Technical Analysis: Basic Facts

When developing a stock-picking strategy, it’s vital to define the type of analysis. There are two types you can choose from: fundamental and technical. Fundamentalists estimate the intrinsic value of a security, and there are more patience and monitoring involved. In contrast, technicians use indicators and chart patterns to predict future price moves. By using[…..]

The Most Successful IPOs of All Time

2016 was not a good year for initial public offerings. Only 105 companies made a debut on the U.S. stock exchanges, which represents a decline of 40% from 2015. In addition, it was a failure that hasn’t happened since the 2009 financial crisis. A question arises: what happened and why did IPOs vanish? Some experts[…..]

Using Income Investing As a Stock-Picking Strategy

Steady income is what most investors are after. However, due to low yields in the recent years, it has been tricky to create significant returns. Some securities have a fixed income, like bonds and CDs. However, income investors are looking for more opportunities. Thankfully, there are many dividend-paying stocks they can choose from. Which companies[…..]

Campus Stocks – Social Networking for Student Investors

I have to admit, I owe my blog readers an apology. For the past four months or so, I have been taken away from regular blog writing by a project that is very important to me. That project is Campus Stocks . Below is a version of a press release I will be doing shortly.[…..]

Where Do We Go From Here?

I’ve been completely out of sync the past few weeks regarding the blog portfolio. I am spending a lot of time on my longer term portfolios. Generally, I continue to like large capitalization stocks with strong dividends. I fought every anti-smoking bone, but lost and purchased some Altria (MO). I will share with you that[…..]

Russell 3000 Preliminary Additions

A few readers wrote to me asking about additions to the Russell 3000, finalized next week. Russell did put out a preliminary list on June 15, which I embedded here for your review. Thanks to Brad, my ONT buddy, for bringing this topic up. Russell 3000 Additions as of June 15, 2007 Company Symbol Company[…..]


Five Percent Stocks Analysis Stock: Cbeyond. Inc. Symbol: (NASDAQ: CBEY) Current Price: $28.90 (03/26/07 close) Business profile: Cbeyond provides managed Internet protocol-based, or IP-based, communications services to its target market of small businesses in select large metropolitan areas. The Company’s services include local and long distance voice services, broadband Internet access, email, voicemail, web hosting,[…..]