The Top Five Free Stock Screeners

Searching for new stock ideas doesn’t have to be complicated and time-consuming. You just need to use the right tools. Today, we’ll take you through the top five free stock screeners that will provide you with the information you need to make good trading decisions. Screeners are great for finding your own stocks. If you […]

CANSLIM Trading Style Explained

CANSLIM is an acronym which describes seven characteristics that stock usually have before making the biggest price gains. The approach was developed by the founder of Investor’s Business Daily, William O’Neil. In this article, we will explain what CANSLIM means and how to incorporate it into your trading strategy.   CANSLIM – What do the[…..]

Dividends 101: Investing in Dividend Stocks

A lot of people already know about basics of dividends and invest in them to benefit from regular payment. These also leave an option to reinvest the payments and buy more shares of the stock. Want to learn more about it? The Value of Dividend-Paying Stocks Most stocks that pay dividends belong to companies that[…..]

ETFs: Basic Facts and Explanations

ETFs, or exchange-traded funds, are similar to mutual funds. Both try to replicate the movement of a specific index. In addition to that, neither of them requires a portfolio manager to select stocks. Instead, they are passively managed. However, ETFs are similar to stocks when it comes to buying and selling during the day. Their[…..]

Stock Splits: Everything You Need to Know

  How to know if a stock split is a good thing or not? Will they bring something positive or something negative to the company? On one hand, reverse splits are something people fret about, while regular ones are a reason for cheer. How to know the difference? Let’s define stock splits for start When[…..]

Growth Investing: Factors You Should Consider

  When trying to define growth investing, the easiest way is to compare it to value investing. Value investors try to find stocks which they can trade for less than their intrinsic value. In contrast, growth investors are looking to increase the company’s potential in the future.   In addition, growth investors look for stocks[…..]

5 Tips for Part-Time Stock Traders

  You want to reach your trading goals and boost your portfolio quickly? Just follow these 5 clever tips that we got from pro traders who have been researching strategies and trading for years. When someone who has decades of success and experience behind them, you can’t argue with that. These are some pro tips[…..]

A Brief History of the S&P 500

  If you are a trader, or just have an interest in the stock market, you probably already know what S&P 500 is. However, not many know the history of it. So, if you want to know more, read on. What is S&P 500 The S&P 500 found its beginnings in 1957 when Standard &[…..]

Stock-Picking and Technical Analysis: Basic Facts

When developing a stock-picking strategy, it’s vital to define the type of analysis. There are two types you can choose from: fundamental and technical. Fundamentalists estimate the intrinsic value of a security, and there are more patience and monitoring involved. In contrast, technicians use indicators and chart patterns to predict future price moves. By using[…..]