I like playing the stock market for the excitement and challenge. I am by no means a “qualified expert” (whatever that means) at stock technical analysis or momentum trading.  However, I am a relentless internet-surfer who has learned how to harness all of the resources online into strong returns on my investment.  By doing so, I basically allow others to do the work for me (all free resources) and putting those pieces together into a formula that finds the right stocks.  My impressive success over the past 3 years has led me to write this blog.  My postings represent my actual positions (when I BUY I actually buy, etc etc).

In investing, I have had the most success choosing momentum or swing stocks that I see increasing 5 percent within 30 days. I have a simple buy-sell strategy: purchase at the beginning of an upswing and sell after 5% gain (no exceptions) or after 30 days, or after a predetermined stop loss.  I will post all investments in terms of percentages, never in dollars. I will keep you updated on a month to month basis on the total Five Percent Stocks return, as I immediately reinvest earnings from sales.

I do not take out stock trading fees for my trades, because I do not pay them on most of my stock trades.  For some of my stock picks, I do pay an unreported commission, but to counterbalance this I also do not report the interest earned on cash balances.

I am happy to hear your comments.