8 Dividend Paying Stocks Yielding 8% or Better

Have you been wishing you had more income lately? Are you concerned you might reach retirement and not have the income to cover your expenses? If your under the age of 55, you might be worried that social security will go bankrupt by the time your ready to retire or look vastly different than it […]

UK Pharmaceutical

UK Pharmaceutical Stocks

Here’s the second part of my whirlwind tour of the Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology sector in the UK exchanges based on dividend paying stocks in the UK Dividend Champions List. This post follows on from Part 1 and covers companies that have shorter dividend growth histories (up to 9 years) as well as a couple that[…..]

Growth Stocks

High Yield and Low Growth or Low Yield and High Growth Stocks?

I think all investors know someone who bought a stock that has grown 20% a year for the last decade or so. A common example I hear about in Australia is CSL, which has delivered truly incredible performance. Given the performance of the stock, investors who had the foresight to buy in early are likely to[…..]


Consumer Cyclical Dividend Stocks

The Consumer Cyclical sector was the lowest weighted sector in my dividend stock Portfolio in the first week of the year. The last purchase I made in this sector was in September last year when I purchased MCD.The Consumer Cyclical sector, also known as Consumer Discretionary, is a general grouping of companies that sell ‘nice[…..]


Communications Sector Dividend Stocks

My site was down yesterday courtesy of my hosting company but it’s back up again now else you wouldn’t be reading this! As it happens this is my first post about buying stocks in the Telecommunications sector which has finally become my lowest weighted sector. And it’ll be a short post too for reasons that[…..]

Stockbrokers 101: Everything We Need to Know

Once we know everything about stocks, where to get them and how to use an investment strategy to our advantage, we are ready to buy them. Or are we? After all, we cannot buy stocks without a proper stockbroker. Stock brokers are brokers who will buy or sell certain securities on the stock exchange in[…..]


Four Stocks to Consider for 2018 and Beyond

Hello Everyone ! Welcome 2018 !!! Hope we all have a great investing year in 2018 and beyond. Hope everyone had wonderful Bull run for 2017 and ready for what wall street has stored for us this year. I am pretty excited for the year 2018, regardless the greatest bull run ends or not or[…..]

Stocks market

The 10 Cheapest World Stock Markets

Buying undervalued shares thаt hаvе thе potential tо soar ѕееmѕ а simple concept.Thоѕе whо mаkе thе correct call аnd buy а cheap share оr identify аn undervalued World Stock Markets аt thе rіght time ѕuсh аѕ оnе оf thе world ѕ 10 cheapest, named іn thіѕ gallery іn reverse order саn mаkе а lot оf money.But[…..]


Walt Disney Company Stock Analysis

The Walt Disney Company (DIS) is an entertainment company operating in 5 segments.  The company operates media networks such as ABC and ESPN, Parks and Resorts such as Disneyland and Walt Disney World,  a Studio Entertainment segment with blockbuster hits such as the movie Frozen, a Consumer Products division and an Interactive Media division for video[…..]