3 Safe Dividend Stocks

I’ve got 3 safe dividend stocks that caught my eye. I’ll tell you more about them below. But first… I have read several articles predicting the economic and stock market outlook for 2012. Needless to say they have been all over the map. One day we’re reading about a new recession. The next day we’re […]

Buying stocks

Buying stocks — But First, Before We Start

Buying stocksWith an online brokerage account opened, buying stocks and selling stocks online is a simple process involving a number of pertinent entries to the online order form that your new broker can explain when setting up an account. It’s a “mechanical” entry process that becomes more familiar with use when buying or selling stocks[…..]

Jim Cramer

Does Jim Cramer Pick Good Stocks?

It’s one of the most often asked questions in the financial word; does Jim Cramer pick winners? Well, I don’t have his stats in front of me and it’s hard to gauge but he wouldn’t have achieved the success he has if it weren’t for his stock picking prowess. So if I were to answer[…..]