Investing in Fair Valued Stocks

It’s no secret that the stock market has been on an upward terror over the past few years.  And as prices continue to climb, many stocks are becoming less and less appealing to value minded investors as they become fair and overvalued. As current stock valuations continue to climb, I am hearing more and more […]


Visa Stock Analysis

Visa Inc (V) is the world’s largest retail electronic payments network.  Visa provides payment processing services to retailers as well as credit, debit and prepaid payment products.  Visa also has one of the world’s largest global ATM networks which offers cash access in local currencies in more than 200 countries. It seems more and more[…..]


Reynolds American Stock Analysis

Reynolds American (RAI) is the second largest manufacturer of cigarettes in the United States.  They sell popular cigarette brands such as Camel, Winston, Doral, Pall Mall, Kool and more. There has been recent rumors about talks between Reynolds American and Lorillard (LO) (3rd largest cigarette producer in the U.S.) about a possible merger in which[…..]


Quick Review of 4 Dividend Growing Companies

As I looked over the companies increasing dividends in January 2014, there were 4 companies that caught my attention.  I haven’t reviewed these companies before but I have heard of them and wanted to do a quick review to see if I may potentially want to add them to my watch list for further review[…..]

Tobacco Stocks

Tobacco Stocks: The Moral Dilemma

If you read around some different investing message boards (see the Dividend Growth Forum) you will come across varying opinions on whether investors should be investing in stocks of tobacco companies.  While sometimes these opinions may be based on sound financial analysis (such as a concern decreasing sales for tobacco companies due to decreasing tobacco product[…..]

Dividend Growth

10 Potential Dividend Growth Companies Worth Considering

There are lots and lots of solid dividend growth companies with long histories of annually increasing dividend payments.  Some companies have been paying out growing dividend rates for 50 plus years.  These companies like Coca-Cola and Johnson & Johnson are staples amongst many dividend growth portfolios.  But even these legends had to start at the[…..]


Create a Steady Monthly Income from Dividend Growth Stocks

Dividend growth stocks are a great way to put together a passive income stream in order to cover all of your living expenses.  In fact, my main goal is to put together a dividend growth portfolio where eventually the passive income stream from dividends will cover all of my financial needs.  I’ll be able to[…..]


20 Stocks You Should Not Buy Right Now

With the market reaching all time highs lately, it is getting harder and harder to find under and fair valued stocks to purchase for your dividend growth portfolio. When investing, the valuation we pay for a company’s stock is very important.  If you make the mistake of over paying for a very stock, you will[…..]


28 Dividend Growth Stock Ideas

This is a compilation of dividend growth stocks that you may want to consider investing in.  This isn’t a complete list of every dividend stock out there but it is a good starting point if you are looking to get into dividend growth stock investing.  Research these stocks and see which ones might be a[…..]


How To Screen for Market Beating Stocks