Altria (MO) Stock Analysis

Altria, headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, is a corporation primarily focused on offering tobacco products.  The company owns several recognizable brands, the most well-known being Marlboro.  Altria reports on three segments- smokable products, smokeless products, and wine.  An investor, desiring to support the company, would shop for Marlboro cigarettes, Nat Sherman premium cigars, Black and Mild […]

Stock trading

43 Basic Stock Trading Terms Everyone Should Know

Just like most professions, Stock trading has its basic terminologies used when trading. Knowing these stocks trading terms as a beginner or intermediate trader, would increase your knowledge of the stock exchange market and help you make better decisions. You will find these terms useful when investing in stocks, mutual funds, or bonds. 1. Agent[…..]


8 Dividend Paying Stocks Yielding 8% or Better

Have you been wishing you had more income lately? Are you concerned you might reach retirement and not have the income to cover your expenses? If your under the age of 55, you might be worried that social security will go bankrupt by the time your ready to retire or look vastly different than it[…..]


3M Company (MMM) Stock Analysis

“Can I get a sticky?” is a common refrain overheard in offices and homes across the country. The Post-it note was an attempt by 3M to develop a stronger adhesive gone awry. The inventor, Dr. Spencer Silver, did not give up endeavoring to find a market for his new discovery when a colleague, Art Fry,[…..]

UK Pharmaceutical

UK Pharmaceutical Stocks

Here’s the second part of my whirlwind tour of the Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology sector in the UK exchanges based on dividend paying stocks in the UK Dividend Champions List. This post follows on from Part 1 and covers companies that have shorter dividend growth histories (up to 9 years) as well as a couple that[…..]

Growth Stocks

High Yield and Low Growth or Low Yield and High Growth Stocks?

I think all investors know someone who bought a stock that has grown 20% a year for the last decade or so. A common example I hear about in Australia is CSL, which has delivered truly incredible performance. Given the performance of the stock, investors who had the foresight to buy in early are likely to[…..]


Communications Sector Dividend Stocks

My site was down yesterday courtesy of my hosting company but it’s back up again now else you wouldn’t be reading this! As it happens this is my first post about buying stocks in the Telecommunications sector which has finally become my lowest weighted sector. And it’ll be a short post too for reasons that[…..]


AT&T- Stock Analysis

AT&T, a dividend aristocrat, now a global behemoth, nominally started when the words “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you” were spoken over a telephone March 10, 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell to his assistant Thomas Watson. A phone call, placed to a location 8 miles away over telegraph lines, occurred only a[…..]

Safety Risk Strategy

Safety Risk Strategy

The idea that long-term gain is always true in very long periods of time. However, there are structurally bearish markets or “side” where sometimes you need to get in and out, rotate portfolios and keep track of investments. On the markets side, experts advise you to use technical analysis indicators (MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands …)[…..]