Campus Stocks – Social Networking for Student Investors

I have to admit, I owe my blog readers an apology. For the past four months or so, I have been taken away from regular blog writing by a project that is very important to me. That project is Campus Stocks . Below is a version of a press release I will be doing shortly. Thanks for your support and feel free to use this blog to contact me. I hope to eventually move the blog to the Campus Stocks platform or return to adding posts here.

College rivalries are often played out on the hardwood or gridiron. Michigan-Ohio State, Georgetown-Syracuse, Harvard-Yale all have legendary athletes who battled for school bragging rights. Now has come the time for these universities to battle it out on the stock ticker.

Campus Stocks, a new social networking website for student investors, has launched a new platform to give MBAs, B-Schoolers, and stock junkies alike a place to battle for their own reputation and that of their school. The main feature of the site is fantasy stock market competitions that can pit student investors against each other individually or school versus school. For example, in the testing phase of the site the Little Three (Amherst, Williams, and Wesleyan) competed in a contest which saw Williams dominate its rivals.

The competitions go beyond college versus college. For example on January 30 an ETF only competition begins where users can compete only choosing different ETFs that are publicly traded. In December, the site ran a test contest entitled the December Rally contest in which “eagleeye” a user from American University took down the competition with a pure natural gas play.

The site goes beyond the stock picking contests, however, and gives each individual an opportunity to engage in the financial markets on a deeper level. Each user can submit stock forecasts, investment ideas, create portfolios, and comment on others ideas. This type of shared collaboration will help foster student interest in the stock market and hone their market expertise.


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